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Fast Food Industry Applies Self-service Kiosks to Improve Service Quality and Establish Customer Loyalty



Due to the worldwide outbreak, the development momentum of the fast food industry is slowed down. Unimproved service quality leads to the continued decline in customer loyalty and causes the increasing occurrence of customer churn. Most scholars have found that there is a positive connection between service quality and customer loyalty.


In the composition dimension of the service quality proposed by Parasuraman, it is pointed out five different aspects of customer satisfaction, including tangibility, reactivity, reliability, realizability, and empathy. The environmental atmosphere of fast food restaurants, ordering time, food quality, and service attitude will change customer satisfaction.


Society and technology are constantly progressing and rapidly changing. To achieve fast ordering, payment, preparing, and delivery, to enhance the dining experience of catering industry consumers, many operators of well-growing restaurants began to consider using self-service kiosk machines.


The self-service order can change the entire order process and save time. This corresponds to the reactivity in the service quality dimension – whether it is possible to help customers in time, and save customers time. Most of the guests who go to fast food restaurants care about time. If the fast food restaurant can provide a quick service, guests will be willing to choose this store.


Especially during rush hour, artificial ordering is often not efficient enough, and it takes time to communicate. This not only affects the customer’s dining experience but also, more seriously, may cause customer churn. Using the self-service machine, customers can order by themselves. It has reduced the cumbersome process and improved customer visits to the restaurant.


The self-service kiosk can also save the labor costs of the waiter. Compared to traditional catering, the machine replaces the previous paper menu, thus the restaurant can save the waiter’s artificial cost. And the kiosk that combines the order system would be easy to update the menu and save printing costs.


If the restaurant uses a self-service kiosk, you can analyze the user’s consumption data and find more opportunities to enhance the user experience. For example, guests have different preferences for food. If the fast food restaurant owners can clearly determine the consumer data, they can improve the satisfaction of the dishes. It is also possible to launch seasonal dishes according to consumer data of different times. These detailed actions may capture the heart of the guests.


Generally, the application of self-service kiosks is essential for the development of the restaurant. Choose a convenient and efficient order machine, you can effectively enhance the user experience in performance. TouchDisplays can be your selection, to get a higher customer loyalty to your restaurant.


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