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Touch Products Achieve Application Breakthroughs in Various Industries with Strong Compatibility

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The excellent and user-friendly touch function and strong functional compatibility of touch products enable them to be used as information interaction terminals for various groups of people in many public places. No matter where you encounter touch products, you only need to tap the screen with your finger, and the information you need will be presented in front of your eyes. With the continuous improvement and upgrading of public facilities, if all business handling or consulting can be handled by touch products, our work and life will be much more convenient.


Undoubtedly, the touch products used for self-service ordering and self-service cash register in the catering retail industry may be at the top of the list of touch products used in people’s daily life. Traditional food ordering and cash register services are all performed manually. However, during peak hours, it is inevitable to encounter problems such as time-consuming and order errors. The simple and fast operation of the self-service machines equipped today is more suitable for the fast-paced lifestyle of modern young people. Not only that, the novel information display form of self-service kiosks can more easily attract consumers’ attention, and increase consumption desire to improve business efficiency.


In airports, subways, shopping centers, government service centers, and other places, information stations equipped with touch all-in-one computers, as a kind of public facilities, can conveniently realize interactive information transmission. Visitors can inquire about floor plans, dynamic routes, surrounding facilities, and real-time information by using the all-in-one inquiry machine. It provides great convenience for visitors and avoids the communication difficulties that will occur in manual consultation.


In industrial production, industrial touch screens play an important role in some production equipment that requires a continuous operation. A crucial function is to monitor the parameters and processing information in the production process in real-time and to alarm and deal with some error messages or fault messages that appear promptly, so as to improve the effectiveness of safe production.


In addition to essential self-service, information query, and data monitoring, touch products also have some emerging application methods. The museum’s multimedia exhibition hall is based on a brand-new planning concept, using the most advanced display methods and interactive touch facilities, to reproduce past historical events, characters, objects, humanities, etc. Cutting-edge digital technology presents a form of content appreciation with rich pictures and texts, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in it and take an unforgettable journey of technological civilization.


Touch products have a wide range of applications and various forms. Moreover, the standard VESA holes usually equipped with the product will help users better expand the installation methods and create more and richer application possibilities. As a touch product manufacturing expert with rich industry experience, TouchDisplays provides users worldwide with highly rated services with a complete production system and high-quality solutions, owning a professional team that can meet any ODM or OEM project needs.

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