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The structural advantages of the LCD screen and its high-brightness display





With the rapid development of global Flat Panel Display (FPD) technology, many new display types have emerged, such as Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), Plasma Display Panel (PDP), Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD), and so on. Among them, LCD screens are widely used in touch solutions due to their advantages of high brightness, large viewing angles, rich colors, and low power consumption.


The LCD screen is a kind of phenomenon device produced by the optical rotation effect of liquid crystal molecules. The main principle is to use the optical rotation effect of a specific substance (liquid crystal substance) and the principle that liquid crystal molecules will change their arrangement in an electric field to control the intensity of polarized light passing through the liquid crystal, so as to achieve the purpose of display. TFT-LCD (thin film transistor liquid crystal display) is one of the most liquid crystal displays, using thin film transistor technology to improve image quality.


Because the liquid crystal material in the LCD screen does not emit light itself, an additional light source is needed, so there are lamp tubes as light sources on both sides of the display screen, and the number of lamp tubes is related to the brightness of the LCD display. The earliest liquid crystal display only had two upper and lower lamp tubes, and later developed the form of four lamps and six lamps. There is a backlight panel (or uniform light panel) and reflective film on the back of the liquid crystal display. The backlight panel is composed of fluorescent substances and can emit light with the main function of providing a uniform background light source. For liquid crystal displays, the brightness is often related to its backplane light source. The brighter the backplane light source, the brightness of the entire LCD will also increase accordingly.


The brightness in front of the screen refers to the luminous intensity per unit area (the illuminated object), and its measurement unit is nits (NIT), that is, candela/square meter (also called cd/m2). Modern LCD screens use optical brightness enhancement films, increasing the number of lamps, and increasing the power of lamps to increase the display brightness to a greater extent, making it more suitable for various application scenarios.


At present, the brightness of most LCD screens on the market is around 300-500cd/m2. TouchDisplays can customize different degrees of high brightness according to the machine operating environment, up to 2000cd/m2. Being clearly visible under strong outdoor light, customized solutions can satisfy most consumer demands. In addition, in order to meet the needs of various industrial applications, TouchDisplays also provides many screen customization options such as whole machine waterproof, anti-glare, high temperature resistance, and tempered glass. 


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